LGBT Mormons, Families and Friends to Hold Holiday Potluck in Boise

20/12/2013 |

Please join us in Boise on December 6 for a holiday potluck in Boise. 7 PM at 810 Brumback St, Boise, ID 83702 . RSVP by calling 208.297.0600. For more information, please contact Mel Henderson.

Colagem de Afirmação 2018

Afirmação de Nova York para realizar o festival de domingo

19/03/2013 |

March 10 at David’s Home March 10, Sunday potluck. Asian themed! We will gather at 7 pm at David’s house: 430 W. 34th St. Apt 10A (10th floor) between 9th…

Afirmação de Seattle para realizar o Potluck

31/01/2013 |

Members, friends, and allies of Affirmation in Seattle will hold a potluck at Wendy Reynolds’s home in Kenmore.