The Spirit

Dois graus fora do centro: WWHD

11/11/2017 |

What do we value more? Worshiping the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; or ensuring that we conform to LDS Church policies? As LGBTQ+ Mormons, we know the importance of following the Spirit, even if that means shaking things up a bit.

Affirmation Leaders Discuss Statements Made during General Conference

17/11/2013 |

Tawnya Smith: “The most important thing is your relationship to the Divine” On October 9 Affirmation sponsored a conference call to discuss the recent LDS General Conference, which included statements by Elder Oaks…

Liderança de Maryland

24/01/2013 |

É hora de ir além e criar um espaço seguro para todos por meio da compreensão e do amor