Luz de vidrieras de iglesia

No estas solo

09/04/2019 |

For those who have felt targeted with disapproval while sitting in church meetings and classes because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, it is easy to forget that our Heavenly Father has not abandoned us.

Annual Affirmation Conference – Recife PE

23/03/2019 |

Come and participate in this event that has changed the lives of many people every year. Moments of exchange of experiences and learning.

Looking Upwards: 2019 Conferences in Affirmation Brazil

22/02/2019 |

This year’s theme will be “Looking Upwards: Do not Give Up on Your Challenges, Face Them.” This theme that makes us think about all the challenges we have in our lives, how we should face them and where to get the strength we need.

Pareja gay, manos de valor en cartera, hombres

En busca de mi identidad: ¿Quién soy realmente?

15/10/2018 |

Amarnos como somos es el camino de la felicidad que debemos seguir. Todos tenemos un potencial divino, y si miramos más allá de nuestras imperfecciones, sabremos que somos verdaderamente perfectos como somos.

Afirmación: Mormones, familias y amigos LGBT

Un mensaje del Comité Ejecutivo y la Junta Directiva de Afirmación: Mormones, familias y amigos LGBTQ

07/10/2018 |

Para aquellos en nuestra comunidad LGBTQ: los vemos. Tu eres digno. Eres amado. ¡Sabes quién eres y te validamos!

Affirmation Brazil Hosting LGBT Suicide Prevention Symposium

18/09/2018 |

Affirmation Brazil is rolling up their sleeves to do something in their country to help these people. We are hosting a symposium and inviting other organizations helping the LGBT population on September 25th in São Paulo.

Gabriela y Luiz Correa

Tengo la bendición de tener un padre gay y una madre lesbiana

18/09/2018 |

Siempre me pregunté por qué mi padre, que siempre animaba a la gente a ir a la iglesia, a orar y a leer las Escrituras, no entraba a la iglesia con otras personas los domingos. Mi mamá decidió decirnos que nuestro papá era gay.

Encouragement to Extend the Invitation

05/03/2018 |

Getting married to a man was hard for my family, but they were really great. I invited all my siblings and even some of my extended family. That being said, I was selective about who I invited. I didn’t feel the need to invite people that I didn’t feel particularly close to or people that I felt wouldn’t be supportive or happy on the day. My parents were still on the fence about things a bit, I think, but they were willing to come to support me and now they love my husband a lot. 

2017 Brazil Retrospective For Social

Retrospective of Affirmation in Brazil 2017

08/01/2018 |

Affirmation Brazil has seen so many new people get involved to support the work of Affirmation in 2017. Here are a few stories from those finding support in Affirmation and seeking to help others.