Dos grados fuera del centro: tres palabritas

13/02/2020 |

Ver las cosas desde el punto de vista de la otra persona (o iglesia, gobierno, partido político o grupo LGBTQ) no significa que tengamos que estar totalmente de acuerdo con ellos, convertirnos y unirnos a su lado, pero sí nos da la semejanza con Cristo. Amo una oportunidad de pelea en este mundo.

God Loves Us Just the Way We Are

My Testimony: God Loves Us Queers

14/08/2019 |

Line upon line, God taught me to be more comfortable with my queerness. Then, one miraculous day, I was ready to learn the greatest truth of all about my queerness.


Conversaciones difíciles: amor, tolerancia y aceptación

25/02/2019 |

Conversations are happening now that would have been unimaginable a decade ago, but the sense of urgency is real among gay and lesbian Mormons to have other church members and leaders find love, understanding, and acceptance within church doctrine, policy, and culture.

Pareja gay, manos de valor en cartera, hombres

En busca de mi identidad: ¿Quién soy realmente?

15/10/2018 |

Amarnos como somos es el camino de la felicidad que debemos seguir. Todos tenemos un potencial divino, y si miramos más allá de nuestras imperfecciones, sabremos que somos verdaderamente perfectos como somos.

Afirmación: Mormones, familias y amigos LGBT

Un mensaje del Comité Ejecutivo y la Junta Directiva de Afirmación: Mormones, familias y amigos LGBTQ

07/10/2018 |

Para aquellos en nuestra comunidad LGBTQ: los vemos. Tu eres digno. Eres amado. ¡Sabes quién eres y te validamos!

Foto de anillos de boda

Gay Marriage and Faith in Christ

05/07/2018 |

I feel distant, but at the same time not, from the church. I feel far away in the physical sense, not knowing sometimes how to introduce my husband, but close because I am with my Heavenly Father, and being close to Him unites me with the church and unifies my marriage.

¿Cuál es el camino?

13/06/2018 |

I wish that they would understand that my desire is simple. I want to serve in the Gospel and I want to love someone like me. Why is it so difficult for them to understand?

El caballo gay en mi vida

Dos grados fuera del centro: el caballo gay en mi vida

30/04/2018 |

What does it really mean to bridle your passions? Is it merely avoiding what is preached as things you “shall not” do, or is there perhaps another way of bridling our passions that is more meaningful than staying away from the things we’re told we’ve been taught we shouldn’t do?

Encouragement to Extend the Invitation

05/03/2018 |

Getting married to a man was hard for my family, but they were really great. I invited all my siblings and even some of my extended family. That being said, I was selective about who I invited. I didn’t feel the need to invite people that I didn’t feel particularly close to or people that I felt wouldn’t be supportive or happy on the day. My parents were still on the fence about things a bit, I think, but they were willing to come to support me and now they love my husband a lot.