Affirmation Communities

As LGBTQIA+ current and former Latter-day Saints, we know how critical an affirming community is to our journey toward living authentically. Community is at the forefront of Affirmation's work. In fact, our mission begins with our commitment to creating "worldwide communities of safety, love, and hope."

The communities we create take different forms both in-person and online and are based on geography, faith journeys, and shared backgrounds and experiences. Here are the different kinds of communities you will find in Affirmation:

Affirmation is an international organization, with areas, regions, and chapters organized around the world. You can connect with the international community online by joining our English, Spanish, or Portuguese Facebook groups, participating in online events hosted by Affirmation International, or attending the annual Affirmation International Conference.

Local Chapters

Geographically, Affirmation is organized into chapters (local communities). Chapters are led by chapter leadership teams responsible for organizing regular local activities. You can connect with your chapter online through Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Use the map below to find an Affirmation chapter near you.

Areas and Regions

Geographically, Affirmation is organized into areas and regions worldwide. Areas are led by area directors and an area committee that includes members of the Affirmation Board of Directors and regional leaders from regions within the area. Area leaders are responsible for supporting the efforts of regional and chapter leaders within the area. Regions are led by regional leadership teams responsible for supporting chapters within their region and organizing regional conferences. You can connect with your regional community online through their Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are special communities within Affirmation providing an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ current and former Latter-day Saints to connect with others with similar experiences, backgrounds, and faith journeys.

Faith Journeys


LGBTQIA+ individuals, their families, and their friends who are transitioning out of Latter-day Saint orthodoxy or who are former members of the Church.

Living Waters

Active Latter-day Saints who are LGBTQIA+, parents, family, and friends where people can seek support and discuss these issues from a believing LDS perspective.


LGBTQIA+ individuals who have a belief in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, desire to be involved in church activity, and are supportive of everyone whether they are in a same-sex relationship, a mixed-orientation or opposite-sex relationship, or celibate/abstinent.

Fathers in Affirmation

For any person who identifies as gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, or SSA in Affirmation who is or wants to be a father.

Trans* Mormons, Families & Friends

Inclusive group for trans* Mormons, and their friends and family. We encourage learning and education of trans* topics and how they relate to both daily life and the restored gospel.

Women in Affirmation

Especially for women within the LGBTQIA+ Latter-day Saint community.

Affirmation Millennials

Inclusive of all LGBTQIA+ current and former Latter-day Saints born between 1984 and 2000, widely recognized as Millennials.

People of Global Majority/BIPOC

Currently transitioning from being known as People of Color and Allies. This group is for self-identified people of color and allies gathered to explore multiple identities and the intersections of race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and LDS faith.

Pioneers and Alumni

A community of LGBTQIA+ current and former Latter-day Saints, their family members, and allies aged 50+ designed to discuss the unique experiences and challenges of Mormon and former Mormon LGBTQ elders 50+.

Mixed-Orientation Families in Affirmation

Collection of folks who are impacted by mixed-orientation marriage in their family life. We want a safe place for the development of friendships, the processing of difficult realities, the sharing of stories, and ultimately, the support of our families, however they may be configured.