“Families Are Forever” to Be Screened July 14 in Bakersfield, CA

New Documentary Tells Story of Mormon Family, 14-year-old Gay Son

The Montgomerys are a devout LDS family. Wendy and Tom married in the Los Angeles Temple in 1995. They had 5 children in 7 years. But then in January 2012, they found out that their oldest son Jordan, who was 13 at the time, is gay.

A new documentary about the Montgomerys will be screened in Bakersfield on July 14. “We always hold a meeting on the second Sunday of every month, which is this coming Sunday,” explains Wendy. “It will be at 7:00pm at our home – 11127 New Forest Dr. Bakersfield, CA 93312.”

You may call me at 661-900-6196 if they need additional information. The new Family Acceptance Project video “Families Are Forever” is a short documentary of our family that shows a traditional, active Mormon family’s struggle to navigate having a gay child while remaining active at Church.

The 20-minute film will be also screened in Salt Lake City on July 31 as part of a free public lecture sponsored by Sunstone and the Smith-Petit Foundation. The lecture, scheduled for 8:00 pm at the Saltair Room of the University of Utah Student Union, will feature Dr. Caitlin Ryan of the Family Acceptance Project, along with Mormon allies Robert Rees and Erika Munson, blogger Mitch Mayne, Ogden’s OUTReach Center director Marian Edmunds, and Tom and Wendy Montgomery.

“Without threatening my core religious beliefs, the materials prepared by the Family Acceptance project gave me a path forward,” says Wendy. “It seemed like there were only two paths: that my son chooses a lonely, celibate life, or that he chooses love and we lose him. Both are terrible. The crux of the message in Family Acceptance Project materials is that parents—whether Mormon or any other faith—can love and support a child while holding onto deeply held beliefs.”

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