Online Groups

Looking to connect with other LGBTQ Mormons, Families & Friends online?

Consider joining one or more of the following Facebook groups that best meet your unique needs.  If you have any questions or difficulties in joining any, please contact us at [email protected].

Affirmation Groups

Affirmation: Trans* Mormons, Families & Friends

For Trans* Mormons and their families and friends

To join: request here.

Transgender Mormons & Allies

For Transgender Mormons and their family, friends, and allies

To join: request here.

Bisexual, Pansexual, Queer + Mormons and Allies

For anyone who identifies as bisexual, pansexual, queer+ and Mormon, and their allies

To join: request here.

LGBT Mormon People of Color and Allies

For people of color who identify as LGBTQ and LDS/Mormon/former Mormon, and their allies

To join: request here.

Affirmation Women and Non-binary People

For Mormon LGBTQIA+/SSA women and non-binary people who have affinity in some aspect with being a woman or being female and being Mormon/LDS in heritage or practice

To join: message this page.

Asexual/Aromantic Umbrella Mormons

For those within the asexual or aromantic umbrella

To join: request here.

Mixed Orientation Families

For families impacted by Mixed Orientation Marriage (MOM). This group invites married MOM couples, as well as both gay, straight, and bisexual ex-spouses to join.

To join: message Ron Raynes.

 Affirmation Prepare

For LGBTQ individuals who are or desire to be active in the LDS Church

Join the Affirmation Prepare Facebook group.

Affirmation: Living Waters

For Active LDS LGBT people, parents, family and friends where people can seek support and discuss these issues from a believing LDS perspective

To join: message Taliatha Palmer Holmes.

Affirmation Journeys

For LGBTQ individuals, family members and friends who are questioning their relationship with Mormonism or are former Mormons

To join: request here.

For the Strength of LGBTQ & SSA Youth

For LGBTQ Youth, allies, siblings ages 12-18

To join: visit this page.

Affirmation Millennials

For LGBTQIA/SSA individuals who were born 1980 or later

Contact Kyle Ashworth
[email protected]

Fathers in Affirmation

For those who are gay fathers or would be fathers.

To join: request here.

Mormon/Former Mormon LGBTQ Elders 50+

Designed to discuss the unique experiences and challenges of Mormon/Former Mormon LGBTQ Elders 50+.

To join: message Fred Bowers or James Kent.

Grupo Mundial en Español (Spanish Group)

Para unirse: solicitar aquí.

Mundo Grupo Português (Portuguese Group)

Para se juntar: Logan Smith ou João Heitor.

Local Area Support Facebook Groups

There are dozens of Facebook groups that support local area groups. Contacts for these groups are located on our website here.

Other Groups

I’ll Walk With You

For active LDS parents of LGBT/SSA Mormons. You must be a LDS Parent with a LGBTQIA/SSA child to join the group.

To join: message Jill Hazard Rowe or Karen Heath Penman.


For Brigham Young University students, faculty and guests who wish to strengthen families and the BYU community by providing a place for open, respectful discussions on the topic of same-gender attraction. They also invite LDS Institute students from across the Wasatch front.

To join: request here.

Mormons Building Bridges

For Mormons who are interested in building bridges between the LDS and LGBT communities

To join: request here.

Mormons for Equality

For Mormons who support equal rights for all people and all families

To join: request here.

Transactive LDS

A faith-affirming group to help Transgender/Intersex/Gender Dysphoria individuals and their family members find their path in the Mormon church.

To join: Follow these instructions.

Wasatch Transgender Family Home Evening

Monthly FHE group for transgender individuals, family members, and allies. Short message or lesson about a general spirituality topic and social time following.

To join: Facebook page.