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One of the primary purposes of the Affirmation website is to amplify the voices of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Mormons, their family members, and their friends. Affirmation is a diverse community where every voice, and every story, matters. Sharing your experiences with the Affirmation community and beyond by submitting an article for the website will undoubtfully have an impact on someone looking for understanding and strength.

What to Write About

What you write about is entirely up to you; however, submissions should be related to experiences, thoughts, musings, or otherwise at the crossroads of being LGBTQ and being a Latter-day Saint or having a Mormon background, as this is the community Affirmation serves. We want you to express your experiences and thoughts authentically; good, bad, or ugly. It is okay to be critical, but the focus of submissions should be on supporting those who may struggle, healing those who have been harmed, comforting those who need comfort, polite debate and discussion, and sharing relevant information with the Affirmation community.

We know that many in the Affirmation community have experienced trauma and are passionate in their criticism of the sources of that trauma. While we understand this passion, we do ask that submissions be free of profane, vulgar, defamatory, offensive, or violent language. Authors should also avoid generalizing statements like “we all know…” or “everyone tends to…” Try to empathize with the Affirmation community and others. Write from personal experience only and do not condemn others’ personal choices, beliefs, or experiences. Do not prescribe any particular life path for others, as Affirmation is a community where all are encouraged to explore the big questions that come with being LGBTQ and Mormon, and supported in the decisions they make as an outcome of that exploration.

Types of Articles

Currently, there are two types of articles you may consider submitting to Affirmation: Faces of Affirmation submissions and Blog submissions. Faces of Affirmation is a first-person profile of yourself and your experiences as an LGBTQ Mormon or a family member or friend of an LGBTQ Mormon. Blog submissions are more general and can be about pretty much anything. We typically ask anyone writing an article for the Affirmation website to provide a Faces of Affirmation submission as before writing other articles. For more information about Faces of Affirmation submissions, including some guiding questions, please click here.

Review and Editing of Articles

Prior to your article being published, it will be reviewed and possibly edited by the web team. Usually, these edits are minor for spelling, grammar, or clarity. However, in the event that major edits may be needed, you be given the option of collaborating on changes or reviewing and approve these revisions prior to publication.

Submitting Articles

Use the form below to submit your article for the Affirmation website. Once you submit your article, it will be saved to the website for review and possible editing prior to publishing. Submitting your article using this form makes it easier for the web team to review, edit, and publish your article. However, you may also submit articles to [email protected].