As LGBT/SSA millennials, we have a bright future. We are strengthened by each other as we build a community that is centered on service, loyalty, personal growth and fun activities. We will use our unique gifts to impact the world for good and to serve those who have been neglected or forgotten as we help each other discover lives filled with passion, meaning, purpose and love.


• Since this group is focused on Millennials, members should have a birth year from 1980-2000
• This is a secret group so only other members can see who is in the group and what people post
• Group members don’t have to be gay nor do they have to be Mormon or have a Mormon background to participate in the group


Prospective members will be asked to answer several questions before they will be added to the group.


2 thoughts on “Millennials

  1. The group link says the page is not longer there. Is there an updated group? I’m looking for opportunities to steer my son towards support groups like these and would love to know where I can direct him.


    1. Hello Derek,
      Thanks for your advice. We are working in restructuring ours sites, we’ll be giving more information soon!

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