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Church Leaders

image copyWe hope to provide resources, education and support to church leaders so that they can effectively minister to the LGBT members of their wards and stakes, while keeping in complete harmony with church authorities and guidelines.  The willingness of church leaders to reach out to the LGBT members in their stewardship with love and understanding has helped many individuals stay close to the church and, subsequently, to the Lord.

The sacred role of bishops and stake presidents in ministering to LGBT members cannot be overemphasized, as oftentimes, you are the first person in whom they may confide.  Your love and acceptance of them will lead them closer to the Savior and to His church.  Most LGBT members who remain active in their wards have had loving church leaders who have walked this journey with them and have sought the Lord’s will in helping individuals with their varying and diverse circumstances

In addition, bishops and stake presidents can create an atmosphere in their wards and stakes where LGBT members can feel accepted and appreciated, regardless of what decisions they have made.  Helping all ward members become more Christ-like and accepting of others will provide opportunities for LBGT members to feel the love of their fellow brothers and sisters, and to know where to turn for love and support


For more information email Bishop Jonathan Manwaring at [email protected].

» Packet for Church Leaders

» mormonsandgays.org

» http://allarizona.org/compassionate-ministering/ 

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