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happy_family9Hello and welcome to the Families and Friends Page!  I’m the LDS parent of a gay son.  Several years ago I found myself with hundreds of thoughts and questions running through my head.  My son had just told me he was gay.  I was confused, sad, terrified, and felt very much alone. I googled, searched, and read for hours on end trying to find answers to the endless questions.  It was a difficult time for me. Now, years later, I believe having a gay son has become one of the most wonderful, enriching,  and beautiful experience of my life.

The resources and links here are a great gift to you. I know from my own experience that knowledge is power.   For myself, having searched and studied a very broad base of information has been invaluable.  It  helped me understand what my son was experiencing.  It gave me tools to recognize warning signs in my child.  It helped me most of all to realize that my main job is to love and not to judge.

I hope that you feel loved and supported in your journey.   There are many individuals at Affirmation who have gone through the same thing you are going through.  Please become an active member of our community by attending our events or joining the Family and Friends affinity group and Facebook group. You will find individuals eager to help you navigate your journey.

How should I respond?

How can I protect my child?

What does the church say?

What is the science?

Where can I find information and support?


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