Affirmation: LGBTQ Mormons, Families & Friends maintains governance policies to ensure that our leaders, employees, and volunteers have a clear plan for handling important parts of Affirmations operations. The Board of Directors is responsible for approving policies for Affirmation, with the exception of the Charter and Bylaws. Changes to the Charter and Bylaws are approved by the voting membership of Affirmation.

Charter and Bylaws

The Charter and Bylaws define the mission, vision, governance structure, method of elections, and other items critical to the core work of Affirmation. Proposed changes to the Charter and Bylaws are approved by the voting membership of Affirmation.

Membership Policy

The Membership Policy defines membership in Affirmation, including membership levels, donation requirements, volunteer requirements, engagement requirements, and what constitutes a voting member in Affirmation.

Economic and Financial Policy

The Economic and Financial Policy defines the financial aims of Affirmation as a nonprofit organization, fiscal responsibilities of leadership and staff, appropriate use of funds, budgeting, the financial relationship between Affirmation and Affirmation communities, safeguards and controls, and more.

Conflict-of-Interest Policy Statement

The Conflict-of-Interest Policy Statement defines current and potential conflicts of interest, disclosures, procedures, and disciplinary action.

Harassment and Sexual Harassment Statement

The Harassment and Sexual Harassment Statement defines harassment and sexual harassment in Affirmation as a workplace,  involuntary leadership, and within general membership. The statement includes procedures for reporting, investigation, and remediation.