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Carol Lynn Pearson’s New Book Is Out—Just in Time for Christmas     December 2012

Book Review: “Conversions: Two Family Stories from the Reformation and Modern America”    October 2011

“Gay Mormons?” A Review    October 2011

Perfect: The Journey of a Gay Mormon    November 2009

“Homosexual Saints,” the LDS Church, and the Community of Christ

The YMCA, Same-Sex Relationships, and the Gospel: An Interview with John Donald Gustav-Wrathall

“Good Bye, I Love You:” A Story of Love

Peculiar People: Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation

Same-Sex Dynamics among Nineteenth-Century Americans: A Mormon Example

Queer Mormons of the 19th Century

Bishop Rees Reviews “In Quiet Desperation”

The Confession of an Unrepentant Lesbian Ex-Mormon: Or Hanging Out With Gay Mormons in Salt Lake City

“In Quiet Desperation”: An Open Letter to Marilyn Matis

The Poetry of Timothy Liu

Remembering Brad: On the Loss of a Son to AIDS

Latter Days: A Novel

Reconciliation: The Art of Trevor Southey

Paperdolls: Healing from Sexual Abuse in Mormon Neighborhoods


“By A Thread:” A Review of Marty Beaudet’s Gay Mormon Novel

Ockham’s Razor: An Interview with Alan Michael Williams

Affirmation Member Publishes Gay Mormon Novel

Just Call Me Greg: A Novel by Jeff Laver

“Finding Monju:” A Novel by Earle Ernst

Bus Surfing, U.S.A.: A story by Johnny Townsend

A Gay Mormon Mission: A Conversation with Johnny Townsend

“A Larger, More Inclusive World:” An Interview with Beckie Weinheimer

Latter Days: A Novel 


Christian Books

Religion Gone Bad: The Hidden Dangers of the Christian Right

Stranger at the Gate: To Be Gay And Christian In America



Prelude to the National “Defense of Marriage” Campaign: Civil Discrimination Against Feared or Despised Minorities

AIDS, Leprosy, and Disease: The Christian Response

Ecclesiastical Polity and the Challenge of Homosexuality: Two Cases of Divergence within the Mormon Tradition

“Awaiting Translation”: Timothy Liu, Identity Politics, and the Question of Religious Authenticity

Casserole Myth: Religious Motif and Inclusivity in Angels in America