Affirmation Member Publishes Gay Mormon Novel

Alan Michael Williams

Alan Michael Williams

Alan Michael Williams Releases “Ockham’s Razor”

Alan Michael Williams, a gay Mormon man from Seattle, has published Ockham’s Razor, a novel with a gay Mormon theme. Set in Tacoma, Washington, Ockham’s Razor follows the relationship between Micah, a young gay man who no longer identifies as a Mormon, an Brendan, a college junior who still feels a strong connection with his LDS faith.

“I’m no longer a practicing Mormon, but I recognize that the Church is a healthy place for many same-sex attracted people,” says Alan. “As same-sex attracted Mormons negotiate with their feelings in more self-conscious ways — remaining single, telling their mates about their attractions before marriage, and the less ‘Gospel-affirming’ choices (which this book is about) — they increasingly have shared tools: blogs, support organizations, novels. I wroteOckham’s Razor because I know there can be danger when one gets trapped in fixed meaning (I was stuck in it myself for some time). I thought an unconventional love story might help break down some of that fixedness.”

“I’m not sure Church leaders are equipped to provide the fluid meaning necessary for engaging with same-sex attraction because of how wrapped up Mormon doctrine is with heterosexuality,” Alan adds. “Same-sex intimacy (by which I mean love, sex, possibly raising children together) tends to be unapproachable. Narration is perhaps the best way to approach these themes.”

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