Carol Lynn Pearson’s New Book Is Out—Just in Time for Christmas

carol_lynn_pearson_heros_journey_300“A guide for traveling the journey with confidence”

by Hugo Salinas
December 2012

Carol Lynn Pearson’s new book, The Hero’s Journey of the Gay and Lesbian Mormon, is out. Based on Joseph Campbell’s description of the hero’s journey, Pearson’s fable chronicles the symbolic journey that many LGBT Mormons embark on as they discover their identity and accept a call to be different.

“‘The Hero’s Journey’ is a quick and easy read, but captures in perfect rhythm the complicated feelings and situations of being an outlier,” writes Winterbuzz for Feminist Mormon Housewives. “As [Pearson] traces the steps in Campbell’s hero’s journey, you are led through the experiences of some of our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters. The feeling of belonging to a tribe —our Mormon tribe made up of our Mormon families and friends— and then the sad realization of being different and the difficult choices that lie ahead.”

“Does one conform to stay comfortable and safe in the tribe,” Winterbuzz asks, “or does one set out on the rocky, treacherous path of self-discovery to help bring light and healing back to the tribe?”

Pearson describes her new book as “a guide for traveling the journey with confidence.”

Winterbuzz’s review is posted at Feminist Mormon Housewives.