French Translators Spice Up “Latter Days”

latter_days_frenchDVD Is Released in France as “La Tentation d’Aaron”

by David Olsen
April 2006

How do the French like their gay Mormon romantic comedies? Très sexy! That’s our conclusion after having discovered La Tentation d’Aaron (“Aaron’s Temptation”), which turned out to be none other than the French version of the recent film Latter Days.

Not only has the title been changed—so has the label. While the case for the US release shows the smiling faces of (fully clothed) protagonists Elder Aaron Davis (Steve Sandvoss) and Christian Markelli (Wes Ramsey), its French counterpart depicts the naked torso of Elder Aaron Davis in a sexy pose. While the English tagline reads, “Aaron prays. Christian plays… Opposites attract,” the French tagline says,“Entre la foi et le sexe, il y a l’amour…” (“Between faith and sex, there’s love…”).

latter_daysNot satisfied with changing the title, the tagline, and the cover label, the French also created a steamy trailer that has nothing to do with the one screened in the US.

What can we say to that? Vive la différence! Hooray for the difference.

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