World Premier of “Lost Tribe”


Will Lost Tribe Sue-Ann Post find herself?

Our 2005 conference in Denver will open on Friday night with a reception followed by the showing of a recently completed video documentary called Lost Tribe. This was filmed mostly in Salt Lake City in 2003 at the Affirmation Conference that year as well as a Reconciliation Meeting following that, and some scenes from Australia.

The story follows Australian professional comic Sue-Ann Post, a former Mormon and a lesbian, as she accepts an invitation to speak at the Affirmation Conference and finds herself dealing with long buried emotions surrounding her Mormonism. It is beautifully produced and extremely pertinent to our group experience. If you have even a little Affirmation experience you’ll recognize many or most of the people in the film.

Affirmation Gay & Lesbian Mormons is pleased to be able to offer the first large scale public screening of this film. You won’t want to miss it!