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To those dismayed by instructions of the LDS Church to oppose same-sex marriage in Mexico


June 6, 2016

Message to those who feel dismay following instructions of the LDS Church to oppose same-sex marriage in Mexico, from Affirmation’s Mexican and International Leadership.


In Affirmation we work to be able to provide all LGBT Mormons an inclusive community, where people can feel peace and tranquility, where they find safety with sufficient protection from discrimination, free from accusations that undermine their dignity as human beings, and where they can reconcile their faith and spirituality.

Over time, Affirmation has been promoting family unity, inviting parents to provide the best demonstrations of love, inclusiveness and understanding for their LGBT sons and daughters. Through experience we have learned of the pain and fear that LGBT Mormons experience in the face of heteronormativity and speech with stereotyped and prejudiced positions that cause us to internalize rejection. We categorically reject the kinds of practices that rob us of peace, incite hatred and homophobia, and contradict the principles of family unity we have promoted over time as Mormons.

In Latin America since January of this year, we have promoted the campaign “2016: Year of the Family” as a sign of support for the heterosexual family, given that many of us who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans, were raised in heterosexual homes, with God’s blessings. We want to strengthen a healthy and close life together with one another within the home, not create separation.

We strongly encourage fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, relatives and leaders to protect their loved ones, especially LGBT youth who are exposed to ridicule which has caused suicides. Together we also uphold the rights protected by constitutional guarantees of religious freedom. We also hold dear the principle of free agency, a fundamental spiritual law that no one can force or manipulate the behavior of any of the sons or daughters God. We believe that our Heavenly Father would never do this, and that to do so is to act against the plan underlying the foundation of this world.

We invite all Mormons to practice the principles of nondiscrimination that have been promoted by the Church in, and through its political support for LGBT rights in the areas of law, health, housing, employment and property. To do otherwise will cause disunity at home and in the church, sowing prejudice and homophobia. We advocate avoidance of public discourse that undermines human dignity, instead promoting fruits of the Spirit such as love, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, temperance, and meekness.

In following this path, which the Church has entered through its support for nondiscrimination legislation, we will come closer to achieving discipleship of Jesus Christ by showing love and inclusion toward our fellow human beings. As Mormons we love the Lord and we believe that the way the Lord taught was through love and example. This will helps more members to heal rather than harm. Affirmation will remain a safe place of peace and security for all.

International Presidency

Affirmation – LGBT Mormons, Families and Friends

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