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Affirmation Brazil Participates in an Ecumenical Meeting on Spirituality and Diversity

Afirmación Brasil Evento Ecuménico

September 5, 2019

by Luiz Correa

In July, Affirmation Brazil in the city of São Paulo was invited to participate in an ecumenical meeting where the theme was spirituality and diversity. Others participating were Buddhist monks, a trans pastor of the Metropolitan Church, and the Mother of Santo do Candomblé. The event was hosted at the Museum of Sexual Diversity and the audience included many from our gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, evangelical, Jewish, Muslim and sympathetic LGBT community who were passing through the museum and ended up attending the event.

Audience members were encouraged to ask questions in how they could reconcile their spirituality/religiosity with their sexuality and how to become a more present and included part of the larger community.

Round table participants shared their life and religious experiences and how spirituality is everyone’s right.

“Sacred was present in multiple colors and ways, smiling at all of us in grace, truth and peace,” said Pastor Ivana Warwick.

Buddhist Monk Jean Tetsuji shared, “My heart still beats with joy for what we have done! My gratitude to all of you for your precious presence and speech! As we say in Buddhism, ‘ichigô ichiê,’ a meeting an opportunity and that we change the life of another…. I believe that each of you changed the lives of many there, if you did not wake up, you further developed spirituality, the Sacred, Peace! We always have more ahead, without giving up, without judging, without hurrying. ”

“There is no prejudice that takes away from us our spirituality and our heritage of being a child of God,” emphasized Luiz Correa

At this critical moment we live in our country where all community rights are being restricted and taken away, there is nothing like uniting in love and spirituality to show that we are at peace and wanting to be who we are.

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