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Affirmation Venezuela Shone Bright during Pride

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by Marcial Fuenmayor

July 5, 2022

Afirmación Venezuela participated in “Move with Pride,” an event in the Maracaibo celebrating Pride organized by the cycling organizations of the city and important human rights organizations and NGOs, including Afirmación Venezuela stands out. The proud and joyful event was held on June 28, began at the emblematic Plaza 5 de Julio, and ended at Vereda del Lago park.

During the event, Affirmation Venezuela highlighted the work they are doing to support the spiritual welfare of community members, bring the message of love and acceptance of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to every heart, share the spiritual power of self-affirmation, and heal the painful wounds of rejection, exclusion, and abuse.

Marcial Fuenmayor speaking at Move with Pride.

Participating in this Pride Month event enabled Affirmation Venezuela and other LGBTQIA+ individuals and groups to be visible and call for recognition and visibility of the community in important areas of public life, in every corner of the world, and call for all spaces to be places of dignity for all every day of the year.

Affirmation Venezuela Receives Recognition by the City Council of Maracaibo

Marcial Fuenmayor, president of Afirmación Venezuela, accompanied by high-level authorities, who presented the honorary award to Affirmation.

As part of the celebration of International LGBTQIA+ Pride Day, the city council of Maracaibo, the second-largest city in Venezuela, recognized Affirmation Venezuela along with other organizations working to promote the well-being and human rights of the community in all areas of social life. During the ceremony, Affirmation Venezuela President Marcial Fuenmayor gave an emotional speech declaring the love of the Creator for all His diverse children and the important contribution to the world that comes from diverse talents and gifts, even in the midst of adversity.

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