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At First Affirmation Conference in Spain, New Chapter Is Organized

2018 Affirmation Spain Conference Group 1719x900

November 3, 2018

by Joel McDonald

Affirmation recently held its first conference in Spain. The conference ran from September 21st to the 23rd in Barcelona. During the conference, the first Affirmation chapter in Spain was organized, the Spain Chapter. A critical part of organizing a new Affirmation chapter is to establish good leadership. A chapter presidency for a new chapter, consisting of a president, senior vice president, and vice president, is appointed by the Affirmation Executive Committee, led by the Affirmation President. Rafael Bravo has been appointed as president of the Affirmation Spain Chapter. Tayel Fuentalba will serve as senior vice president. Rafael Arias Salamanca will serve as vice president.

“I feel honored and excited to be a part of the beginning of Affirmation’s presence in Spain,” Rafael Bravo shared, “When Angel Arrocha contacted me for the first time almost two years ago to invite me to participate in the Affirmation Europe Conference in London, I never imagined we could organize and carry out the first conference in Spain only one year later . We have challenges and a great responsibility ahead of us in Spain,
I feel that the time has come to work!”

“None of this would have been possible without the support of my husband, Fran, Angel’s advice, and the support of members of Affirmation Spain who supported the conference despite not knowing each other and being separated by distance,” Rafael continued. “This is the first of many conferences Affirmation will have in Spain. This was an opportunity to for us to connect with each other in person and share our stories. This was also an opportunity for us to connect with international leadership from Affirmation to discuss and better understand Affirmation and the organization’s objectives and values.”

Spain Chapter Presidency: Rafael Bravo, Tayel y Rafael

New Affirmation Spain Chapter presidency. From left to right, Tayel (senior vice president), Rafael Bravo (president), and Rafael (vice president).

The new chapter presidency will serve for a term of one year. After a year, the Affirmation Executive Committee will determine whether the chapter should continue and hold an election for leadership. This determination is based on whether the chapter adheres to Affirmation’s mission, goals, values, and established policies and procedures.


  1. Charlie McIntyre on November 4, 2018 at 3:32 PM

    Congratulations and every best wish for it’s future!

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