Affirmation Venezuela Focused on Transgender Community in April

May 22, 2022 |

In April, Affirmation Venezuela focused on a highly vulnerable group in the country, the transgender community. A series of face-to-face and virtual meetings were held with representatives of this community to support and coordinate efforts and initiatives aimed at the welfare and critically needed social progress of and for these brothers and sisters.

Salt Lake Temple

“If I may but touch…”

May 18, 2022 |

I had found a measure of peace that told me that I was going to be okay. That who I was, who I am, is okay. While I have at times questioned this, I also feel that I have opened the door wide enough for the Lord to redirect me if that be His will. Hearing none, I have moved forward.

2022 Affirmation Connections Recordings Available to All

May 2, 2022 |

As Affirmation begins to return to in-person activities and conferences worldwide, it is important that the beautiful virtual connections created over the past two years are not lost. That’s why we hosted Affirmation Connections on April 23, 2022.

Fear Not, I Am With Thee; Oh Be Not Dismayed!

May 2, 2022 |

There is no room in the gentleness of Love for a Rameumptom, for ARE we not ALL sinners and all fall short of the Glory of God? In the end, it is the Love of God that will welcome each one of us home, and it is our bearing of His gentle Love that helps others along the way. We become one another’s angels.

2022 International Conference Theme and Logo Contest

April 28, 2022 |

We’re pleased to announce the theme for our 2022 Affirmation International Conference: Rooted in Love. Graphic designers are invited to participate in a conference logo design contest. Design submissions are due by May 15th.

Affirmation President to Speak at ALL Conference in Arizona

April 11, 2022 |

ALL is hosting their 2022 ALL Conference on April 30, 2022, at the Red Mountain Center in Mesa, Arizona. Affirmation President, Nathan Kitchen, who lives in Arizona, is one of the featured speakers for the conference.

Affirmation Venezuela Advocates for Transgender Rights

April 1, 2022 |

Affirmation mobilized to advocate for legal rights for transgender individuals and delivered a proclamation to local and national authorities. This is just a step in the process toward legal recognition of the dignity of these valuable children of Our heavenly Father who contribute so much to our country and the world.

Celebrating our Unique Identities

April 1, 2022 |

The divisions caused by our divine varied identities are temporary. Our identities connect us with Our Father in more extensive and wonderful ways than we can imagine. We share a divine origin and a glorious future. We should celebrate the wonderful present, inclusive of the full colors of God’s creation.

Transgender Letters Beads

Transgender Visibility in These Times? Absolutely

March 31, 2022 |

Visibility is critical in the fight for progress. Just as Harvey Milk called upon gay and lesbian individuals to overcome prejudice by coming out, allies of the transgender community must support them as they also combat prejudice with visibility. We must do what we can to educate ourselves and those around us.