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The importance of self-care

portada La importancia del autocuidado

by Marcial Fuenmayor

January 8, 2024

Serving and protecting is a sublime manifestation of the love and warmth of the human heart; virtues that, when given to the world, return to us in a torrent of expansion of the being whose happiness and joy cannot be compared and of which, great teachers such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gandhi or Rumi, among others, preached through their journey of wisdom and teachings to humanity. However, another great truth that is impossible to ignore is that of the well-being that each one must possess to be able to provide service with purpose, impact and without actions that lead to harm to ourselves, mainly in such physically, mentally and emotionally demanding environments as those found in the humanitarian world.

That is why, through a valuable self-care program entitled Towards the Right Hemisphere, designed and administered by the Rehabilitarte Foundation, a conglomerate of non-governmental organizations, foundations and civil society associations benefited, through a systematized schedule of activities oriented to the well-being of officials, volunteers and humanitarian actors who provide their services to major causes in different spheres of the humanitarian world (environment, children, health, mental health, GBV and the LGBTQI+ community). Likewise, it is worth noting that the program was complemented with personalized attention to personnel from the organizations served.

From Affirmation Venezuela we hope that these types of programs remain active to continue positively impacting humanitarian personnel through self-care actions, which stand out for being adaptable to the daily habits of the beneficiaries. Without a doubt, a valuable action that is very necessary to support organizations that seek to generate the positive changes that our society requires.

Photographs courtesy of Jorge Fernandez / Rehabilitarte Foundation


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  1. Richard on February 11, 2024 at 3:27 PM

    Great article as “self-care” is “essential-care” in these challenging times of global and epidemic loneliness.

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