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Affirmation Congratulates Encircle’s Efforts to Create Eight New Houses


February 25, 2021

by Affirmation

Affirmation offers its enthusiastic congratulations to Encircle on the announcement of eight new Encircle houses coming to various cities in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, and Utah.

The success of its first house in Provo, Utah helped uncover unmet needs in the local community, especially the need for a physical place of safety for LGBTQ+ youth to gather and make connections. The success of the Provo house led to an expansion of additional Encircle Houses in the state of Utah, and this announcement signals that growth is just getting started.

“Every effort that can be done to affirm, support, and validate LGBTQ+ youth is vital to the overall health of everybody in the entire community,” Affirmation President Nathan Kitchen shared. “I was happy to learn that an Encircle House is being built in my own community of Mesa/Gilbert. This is still a very difficult place to be an LGBTQ+ teen. It is getting better, but the resources an Encircle House can offer the community will only help strengthen LGBTQ+ youth and the efforts already here on the ground to support LGBTQ+ people and the communities in which they live.”

It’s notable that Encircle began and continues to expand in communities where membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is large. Affirmation fosters both collaboration and dialogue with organizations serving the LGBTQ+ Latter-day Saint and interfaith communities, as well as those serving the wider LGBTQ+ community such as Encircle.

We are excited for you, Encircle, and most importantly for the LGBTQ+ youth and young adults who will benefit from your service and we’re grateful for Tim Cook and Apple, Ryan and Ashley Smith, Dan Reynolds, and Aja Volkman for supporting Encircle’s efforts to serve this vulnerable community.

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