Connect with the Affirmation Community

Being a part of a strong community of support is critical to the wellbeing of all people. Affirmation provides many opportunities for LGBTQ Mormons, their family members, and their friends to connect with others in the Affirmation community to find understanding, support, and to offer support to others. From staying connected to Affirmation by subscribing to emails, to helping local chapters of Affirmation thrive, you can decide what level of connection is right for you.

Ways to Connect

Subscribe to Emails

Subscribe to emails from Affirmation: Stay informed with the latest news from Affirmation and content from the Affirmation community. You’ll also receive information on Affirmation conferences and ways you can support Affirmation’s mission. You can subscribe here.

Online Groups

Join online groups: There’s a thriving online Affirmation community you can connect with on Facebook. You can choose the Facebook groups that are right for you based on your individual circumstances. Group descriptions and ways to join can be found here.

Affinity Groups

Find Affinity Groups: In addition to online groups, you can connect with one or more of our many Affinity Groups. These groups include Fathers in Affirmation, Mixed Orientation Families, People of Color, and many more. Affinity Groups may host sessions at Affirmation conferences and some host their own events throughout the year. Descriptions of Affinity Groups can be found here.

Join Affirmation

Become a Member of Affirmation: Members of Affirmation are committed to providing healing community and resources to LGBT Mormons and former Mormons, their families and friends, and fostering spirituality and dialog within and beyond the LDS community about sexual orientation, gender identity, and faith. Members are the ultimate governing body of Affirmation and are entitled to vote in Affirmation leadership elections and changes to the Affirmation Charter and Bylaws. Affirmation members are also eligible to serve in leadership roles within the organization. Membership is open to all and membership dues are modest. You can become a member of Affirmation here.

Local Chapters

Find a Local Chapter: Affirmation is more than an online community of support for LGBTQ Mormons, their family members, and their friends. Local chapters of Affirmation are organized in areas where there is sufficient membership. Many of these chapters meet regularly. Others organize activities on an ad hoc basis. You can find local chapters near you here.

Send us an Email

Contact Us: Whether you’re looking to connect with a local chapter or get more involved in Affirmation, would like to write a post for the Affirmation website, have questions about your membership or donation payments, or want to share a comment or ask a question, you can email us here.