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2020 International Conference Light

Embracing All We Are

Affirmation Worldwide

An Affirmation International Conference like we've never held before.

Registration opens for this event on July 19, 2020.

Like so much in our lives, we've had to adapt this year's Affirmation International Conference to the realities of COVID-19 and ongoing social distancing efforts and requirements. The health and safety of Affirmation communities are of paramount importance.

In times such as this, coming together and maintaining our connections to one another is also extremely important. That's why this year's Affirmation International Conference will go on; not in Provo as originally planned, but virtually with local gatherings and activities around the world where coming together in-person is possible.

We envision this conference to be a mixture of live and recorded workshops, speakers, and discussions held over four weekends from September 12th to October 4th, with breakout sessions occurring on Saturday, September 12th, 19th, and 26th, and plenary sessions on September 20th and October 4th.











Many details of this year's Affirmation International Conference are still being planned; however, the information below represents the latest discussion of the Conference Planning Committee. Please note that this information is subject to change.


Registration will be required to participate in the conference. Registration will be $39 per attendee to help cover the costs of additional technology being acquired for the conference, translation of conference content, a mailed item to conference attendees, and other conference costs. Discounted registration for those in developing nations, students, and others will be available in addition to scholarships. Registration will open on July 19th.


We're in the process of confirming speakers for our plenary sessions. We're excited about the expanded opportunity we have for well-known speakers to participate virtually. Speaker information will be posted as soon as the conference schedule and their participation has been confirmed.


Instead of one day packed with conference workshops, this year's conference will include workshops over three Saturdays: September 12th, September 19th, and September 26th.

Interested in being a presenter?

Applications are now open for anyone to apply to be a workshop presenter.


Currently, it is anticipated that all conference content will be available on the Affirmation website to those who have registered. All attendees will be required to create a password to log into the website to access this content. For plenary sessions or others that do not require attendee participation, the session may be viewed on our website. Sessions inviting participation by attendees are likely to be held using Zoom, a web conferencing platform that Affirmation uses for meetings and virtual events.

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