FTM (TransMormon) – My Positive Church Experience

by Emmett Claren

I have finally decided to talk about my experience with the Church and where I’m at spiritually today. Many of you have been asking for this, and I ask that you help me share this video and spread it to all who need to hear. I hope this helps even just one individual.

Yes, you can be Trans and Mormon, though there are many ways to do this. My journey is just one example and I hope this video can help someone who is trying to figure out their relationship with the Church.

2 thoughts on “FTM (TransMormon) – My Positive Church Experience

  1. WOW!! What a beautiful story! Thank you. You are a beautiful man and a great example to all people in and out of the church. There is so much that I do not understand about you and your experience and about me and my experience, being a gay man. I love The Gospel, but the church has been a very difficult piece to comfortably fit into my life. I continue to try and it continues to be difficult. God bless you! He knows who we are and loves us.

  2. James here…Hello I am from a City icalled Glasgow in Great Britain.
    I am proud of you and how you have come through such a tough journey.
    I am 56..Same Sex Attracted Mormon and I have a Transgendered Nephew.
    I can testify that you and all of us are works in are beautiful in every single way…keep going it will all be alright in the end.

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