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Happy New Year Affirmation Friends!

Randall Thacker
Randall Thacker

January 9, 2013

Randall Thacker

Randall Thacker

New Leadership, Meetings Announced

by Affirmation President Randall Thacker

We start this new year with a palpable excitement in the LGBT Mormon and Allies community. We have received countless messages from literally hundreds of LGBT Mormons, families, and friends from around the globe who are ready to be anxiously engaged in a good cause! We have assembled a talented, energetic, and diverse leadership team who are ready to put their shoulders to the wheel.

Also, we are pleased to announce our Affirmation Board of Directors, many of whom are new to the board this year. The board is composed of a group of distinguished individuals who care deeply for LGBT Mormons and their families and bring strengths of organizational experience, mature spirituality, and a record of building relationships across organizations and with people who are racially, culturally, sexually, and spiritually diverse. I personally want to thank all who have stepped forward to serve in this great work.

We will be meeting in Washington, DC January 25 and 26 to kick-off the new team and year. If you would be interested in joining us for this meeting please contact me. Friends and allies are invited to joins us for dinner on January 26 in Potomac, Maryland.

We are building a community where we don’t have to choose between being Mormon or gay. We can be fully affirmed as both, find support in our unique journey, and be empowered to celebrate and use our gifts in the service of faith, hope and love. Where we take great joy in the knowledge that our Heavenly Parents know and love each one of us and want us to have joy. Where we can be supported in living fully authentic lives, guided by the Spirit of God and our increased self-awareness. A community that fully supports all who are in or seek committed same-sex relationships. We will be that safe space that affirms each individual’s sexuality, faith, or lack of faith.

We have so much work to do and look forward to engaging all who feel called to this great work! Join Affirmation today and let us know if you have an interest to help.

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