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Laurie Lee Hall named the 2023 Mortensen Award winner

Laurie Lee Hall, Mortensen Award

July 31, 2023

Within every organization, there are individuals whose leadership, skills, commitment, and service make a positive difference in the lives of others and whose contributions further the mission of the organization. This is especially true in Affirmation.

Each year, the Affirmation community has the opportunity to nominate members who have significantly and positively impacted the lives of those within Affirmation to receive the Mortensen Award, which is awarded each year during the Affirmation International Conference. The award was created, and is named, in honor of Paul Mortensen, who was the first recipient of the award. Paul was one of the founders of Affirmation. He was a staunch supporter of Affirmation until his death in late 2021.

The recipient of the 2023 Affirmation Mortensen Award is Laurie Lee Hall. When making the announcement, Olin Thomas, Chairperson of the Mortensen Award Committee, shared:

“Our next nominee has done tremendous work as a leader in Affirmation, helping to shape the organization in recent years and offering a unique perspective as a former architect of LDS temples.  Since embracing her trans identity, she has helped to build less literal, but no less sacred, spaces of worship within Affirmation, providing a guiding light for others to see themselves, learn about themselves and their community, and inspire hope by living authentically. She has been a tireless spokesperson in the media for both Affirmation and the transgender community with dozens of media interviews. She has served on the Board of Directors and as Affirmation Vice-President and has chaired our governance committee to help update our charter and by-laws. She has used her professional skills to help manage and direct Affirmation during difficult times, yet has made it more personable and people centered. Because she has inspired our community, exhibited outstanding leadership, and made a difference in the lives of others, Laurie Lee Hall is the recipient of the 2023 Mortensen Award! “

Other nominees for this year’s award include:

  • Marcial Fuenmayor
  • Melissa-Malcolm King
  • Dario Lopez
  • Sarah Bowers

 Nominators answer questions about their nominee’s service and impact in Affirmation, often providing letters with examples and stories supporting their nomination. These will be shared with the Affirmation community in a separate article.

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