People of Color


The LGBT Mormon People of Color and Allies Facebook Group is located here on Facebook.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Group

What type of Facebook group is it?

The People of Color (PoC) and Allies Group is a closed and moderated group. Anyone who is interested in topics related to LGBT Mormon People of Color (PoC) and Allies may join.

Why is it a closed and moderated group?

The group is visible in order to allow people to see that it exists but is closed in order to give a sense of protection and community to the group members so they can post freely. It is moderated in order to keep the focus on the purpose of the group – to discuss Issues related to and about LDS LGBT PoC.

I am not an LDS LGBT Person of Color (PoC). What would I learn from being a member of this group and how can I help this group?

It is our hope that every group member can take away a better understanding and appreciation for the lives of LGBT Mormon People of Color (PoC). We hope to create an understanding of: (1) the unique challenges faced by LGBT Mormon PoC, (2) how to foster better interactions with LGBT Mormon PoC, and (3) the gifts, contributions, and diversity that LGBT Mormon PoC bring to the diverse communities to which they belong. You can help by alerting your friends and family to the existence of the group.

Why and how did this group get started?

This group joins several LGBTQ faith groups in bringing their people of color together for a forum that addresses the needs of LGBTQ persons of color within a faith context. They include Dignity: Gay and Lesbian Catholics and Metropolitan Community Church (MCC).

In October 2011, the initial meeting of Affirmation LGBT People of Color (POC) and Allies group was at the 2011 Annual Conference. In February 2012, the Facebook group was started to continue the discussion of LDS LGBT PoC issues in-between conferences.

Several of the group members were participants in the Questionnaire on Experience used as the basis for the “Riding Our Double Rainbows to Heaven: Experiences of LGBT Mormons of Color in the Modern World” session at the 2012 Sunstone Symposium. A recording of the session is available at this link. A copy of the presentation is available as a document in the LGBT People of Color (PoC) and Allies Facebook Group or by email from Fred Bowers at [email protected].

If you have specific questions about the group, please contact Fred Bowers at [email protected].