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Portland Affirmation hosts The Northwest Regional Conference; “Many Paths, One Heart”


February 19, 2017

Many gathered the week of Jan 13-15, 2017 in Portland Oregon for a two-day conference focused on honoring the uniqueness of the lives and the choices of every member of the Affirmation family, in or out of the Church. Wherever our individual paths lead us, Affirmation is committed to the Zion-like quality of being ‘of one heart.’ Hence the title “Many Paths, One Heart.”

Re-live the messages shared or watch for the first time.

FRIDAY January 13th 2017:

Friday Evening Program started with remarks by Comedian/Musician Eric D. Snider:

SATURDAY January 14th 2017: 

Saturday kicked-off with uplifting workshops by extraordinary individuals.

Claiming our Faith: 

Paths to Understanding: 

Cafeteria Mormonism: 

New Spiritual Paths:

The Path of Affirming Parenting: 

Authors of Authenticity: 

Personal Revelation: 

Many Paths, One Family: 

Panel Conference:


“I Never Saw A Moor”: 

Affirmation President’s Address:

SUNDAY January 15th 2017:

Here are some of our speakers in then Sunday session of the conference.

Buckley Jeppson:

Neca Allgood:

Dorothy Wilgus:

Val Walker:

Musical Number: “Your Song”

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