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Researchers to Study LDS Mixed-orientation Marriages

John Dehlin
John Dehlin

July 24, 2013

John Dehlin

John Dehlin

Survey Avialable Online

By John Dehlin


Please help me spread the word about this important study regarding LDS mixed-orientation marriages.

I have joined with a really solid team of researchers to conduct a follow-up study to the project “Exploration of Experiences of and Resources for Same-sex Attracted Latter-day Saints” — studying specifically current or former marriages in which one spouse experiences same-sex attraction and the other spouse identifies as straight.

The survey can be accessed at:

A small but growing body of research exists about these marriages, but no studies have provided an in-depth account of such marriages in a Latter-day Saint context. In this project we will conduct online surveys with individuals who are currently or formerly married and are currently or formerly LDS. We are interested in the experiences of spouses who identify as straight and of spouses who experience same-sex attraction. It is not necessary to have participation from both spouses from the same marriage, though this is welcome when possible. If you are comfortable forwarding this message to your spouse or former spouse (or to anyone who might qualify for this study) we would appreciate your support.

We are studying marriages in which both partners are aware of the same-sex attraction, whether the disclosure took place before or after getting married. We will look specifically at reasons for marrying, reasons for remaining married or leaving the marriage, coping mechanisms and sources of support, marital functioning, religiosity, overall quality of life, and plans for the future. We believe that the overall impact of this study will be positive; that is, that the information obtained will be accurate, dispel myths, and promote understanding and good will.

What does participation involve?

It will require about 60 minutes to complete the survey. A portion of respondents will also be interviewed at a later date. At the end of the survey, respondents will indicate whether they are willing to be contacted for an interview; all participation is completely voluntary. Responses are confidential and no individual will be identifiable in any report of the results of this study.

Who are the researchers?

The research team is comprised of six LDS and one non-LDS researcher. Two of the researchers are a married couple in a mixed-orientation relationship.

  • Renee Galliher, Ph.D., Utah State University
  • Anita Harker Armstrong, Ph.D., Utah State University
  • Elizabeth Legerski, Ph.D., University of North Dakota
  • Andrew Armstrong, Ph.D., Utah State University
  • Catherine Jeppsen, M.S., Independent Scholar
  • Kelly Palfreyman Troutman, M.S., Independent Scholar
  • John Dehlin, M.S., Utah State University

Again, the survey can be accessed at:

If you have any questions about the research, please do not hesitate to contact me, or my advisor Renee V. Galliher, Ph.D. at (435) 797-3391 or [email protected].


John Dehlin, M.S.
Psychology Doctoral Program
Utah State University

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