Remembering Brad: On the Loss of a Son to AIDS

remembering_bradby H. Wayne Schow, with journal entries by Brad Schow
Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1995.

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In the terms of cultural geography, it’s a long way from Los Angeles to Pocatello. This is the story of Brad Schow, a young gay LDS man who lived in California and then returned to Idaho where he was born and raised—tragically to die of AIDS. It is, unfortunately, a story that is not uncommon.

In writing about his son, H. Wayne Schow reveals his own journey of sorting things out. This is a biography not only of Brad but of those whose lives he touched. It is a meditation on what it is to be ostracized or marginalized.

About the Author:

H. Wayne Schow is chair of the Department of English and Philosophy at Idaho State University. He is the author of Against the Wind: Stories by Martin A. Hansen and co-editor of Peculiar People: Mormons and Same-Sex Orientation. He has published on similar topics in Sunstone magazine and elsewhere. He and his wife live in Pocatello, Idaho.