Noah Danby: From Queer to Seer

bnoah_danbyy Hugo Salinas
From Affinity, July 2003

Queer As Folk actor Noah Danby has a role to play that is “large in stature”–but this time, he will keep his clothes on. Danby will star as Nephi in The Book of Mormon Movie, to be released in a few weeks. The beautiful 6′ 3″, 224 lb. Canadian actor has a CV that includes roles in Hollywood movies such as The Skulls and The Tuxedo. He has also played two roles in the gay-themed miniseries Queer as Folk–as Tattoo in Episode 105, where he appears in the nude, and as Captain Astro in Episode 111.

How does Danby feel about playing the part of Nephi? “I was more excited than anything else,” says Danby, “and the more I learned about him, the more I grew to love him with all my heart. With Nephi, everything fell into place effortlessly because I truly believe that he and I are kindred spirits.”

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