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Sunday Plenary, 2022 Affirmation International Conference

by Affirmation

October 24, 2022

The full Sunday plenary of the 2022 Affirmation International Conference, October 9th, 2022, at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Speakers include Affirmation President Nathan Kitchen, Paul Cardall, Affirmation Philippines President Jaime Caro, and Affirmation Vice President Laurie Lee Hall. The program includes the presentation of the 2022 Affirmation Mortensen Award, Memorial Moment, Youth Choir, and Affirmation Conference Choir.

About the Affirmation International Conference

The Affirmation International Conference is an annual conference hosted by Affirmation: LGBTQ Mormons, Families & Friends for the worldwide LGBTQIA+ Latter-day Saint community.

About Affirmation: LGBTQ Mormons, Families & Friends

Affirmation creates worldwide communities of safety, love, and hope and promotes understanding, acceptance, and self-determination of individuals of diverse sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions. We affirm the inherent self-worth of LGBTQIA+ individuals as complete, equal, and valuable persons and support them as they define their individual spirituality and intersection with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Affirmation’s vision is to be a refuge to land, heal, share, and be authentic.

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