Coming Out

The Struggle for Self Acceptance

May 8, 2016 |

For many years I have struggled, first to have the love of someone who despised me. Then I fought to be someone I was not, then I struggled to accept who I really am… I may have been abandoned in this life by earthly parents, but my heavenly Father has never left me.

Living As My True, Authentic Self

October 12, 2014 |

As I have educated myself about the Transgender (Trans) community, things seemed to fall into place in my head and heart. For the last several years as I have been in more inclusive spaces, it has helped me feel more comfortable with who I am, with what I need to do to feel right in my body and with admitting to myself and all the people in my life that I am Transgender myself.

Living in Harmony

September 13, 2014 |

Affirmation – LGBT Mormons, Families and Friends in Mexico are excited to host the Third Annual Conference of Affirmation Mexico, which will be held from November 14 to 16 at El Ejecutivo Hotel in Mexico City, Mexico. Join us for a weekend of uplifting activities, including speakers, musical performances, a testimony meeting and visits to historic sites. Registration available now.