LGBTQ Teens and Youth

Affirmation Youth at International Conference

Welcome to the Affirmation Teens Page! We are so happy you are here. As an organization, we are dedicated to helping LGBTQ youth and their families navigate a sometimes difficult path towards understanding who you are and recognizing the many ways you are exceptional. You are a beloved and cherished child of your Heavenly Parents. They know you well and are aware of your struggles and successes. Your being lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender is part of Their design for your life. For many, being LGBT is, or becomes, a great blessing, in their lives. We hope it will be for you as well. We are here to help you with this.

Research from The Family Acceptance Project has shown that the average age a person knows she/he is gay is 13 years old. But many say that for as long as they can remember, they have felt different. Population studies show that LGBT people are as prevalent as left-handed people (about 7-10%), so you are not alone! You might be surprised how many LGBT people there are out there – in every profession and in every walk of life. Actors, musicians, professional athletes, artists, doctors, lawyers, business men and women. Anything and everything is still available to you.

The bottom line is that everything you are feeling and going through is normal. It’s okay. You are going to be fine. Life is beautiful and will continue to get better and better. We are here to give you and your family and friends tools to help accomplish this.  Your parents will find a good overview and guidance on our friends and family page.  Also, see the sidebar for additional parental help.