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From Affirmation Venezuela, Heavenly Father’s Love for His Children

Venezuela 2nd Mtg

August 29, 2021

Venezuela 2nd Mtg

by Marcial Fuenmayor

On August 8, the second face-to-face and virtual meeting of Affirmation Venezuela took place. The central theme of the activity was “The love of our Heavenly Father for His children”, with the participation of the speaker and active member of Affirmation Mexico, Rubén Chávez. New Affirmation members from other regions (center, east, and south of the country) also participated in the meeting, who have been joining the beautiful affirmative mission of bringing love, acceptance, and personal development to so many special beings who need it today, not only in Venezuela but throughout the world, in the midst of the enormous challenges and incredible opportunities of these times. Likewise, members of Affirmation from other countries joined the meeting through virtual media.

“Our Heavenly Father loves and accepts us just as we are, regardless of our differences, in fact, those are the things that make us unique and wonderful before Him. I am an opera singer, and for some time my vocal cords were somewhat blocked, a product of my personal blocks of not accepting myself one hundred percent, just as my Heavenly Father had created me. It was not until I fully accepted myself before Him, that I was able to overcome this and all the blocks I had. Today more than ever I know that the Creator and Jesus Christ love and accept us as we are, and we must do the same,” shared Ruben Chavez, Affirmation Mexico.

This meeting follows the impulse of this chapter to carry the message of acceptance and love that our Heavenly Father has for His children, in a series of monthly activities, organized with the support of the international board of Affirmation and the local leadership, since every word and loving gesture counts, changing lives, by filling them with the joy of knowing they are loved, accepted and, above all, with a special place in the Divine Plan of creation.

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