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“Where Love Is”: See the Full Affirmation 2016 Conference Schedule


August 7, 2016

The Affirmation Conference this year, for LGBTQ+/SSA Mormons, our families and friends, wherever we are in the spectrum of belief or non-belief, and however we identify in our sexuality or gender identity, will be more diverse than ever, with rich opportunities for fellowship and fun, and exploration of faith, spirituality and intersectionality!

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Major themes this year will be self-empowerment and believing in ourselves, finding our own, authentic spiritual paths, trans/genderqueer stories, intersectionality, and empowering and strengthening our youth.

Come join us, Friday, September 23 through Sunday, September 25, 2016!

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This year’s featured speakers and events include:

Friday Night

+ Affirmation President John Gustav-Wrathall & husband Göran Gustav-Wrathall on a quarter century of marriage and family in a mixed-faith, inter-racial relationship

+ Danny & Mara Kofoed, authors of A Blog About Love, on finding and embracing our highest selves


Hive Riot with Mindy Gledhill and (gay Mormon) Dustin Gledhill

+ Dance and social


Saturday Morning and Afternoon

+ Affinity groups for men, women, non-binary, MOM’s, queer parents, trans, bi, people of color

+ A bigger and better-than-ever youth program for LGBTQ+ Mormon youth ages 13-18

+ Tracks for parents, family, allies, and Church leaders

+ Workshop tracks on Claiming our Faith as Mormons; Faith Transitions; Intersectionality; Self-Care; and Family, Relationships & Dating

+ Kimberly Anderson and the Mama Dragon Story Project!


+ Affirm Talks!


Saturday Night “Evening of Affirmation”

+ Trans/genderqueer night, with trans performers, speakers and more! Including Grayson Alexander Moore, Brianna Cluck, Bobbee Trans Mooremon, Lee Bobbie, and others!





+ Marian Edmonds Allen (of the Family Acceptance Project) and Jorge Valencia (of Point Foundation) on empowering LGBTQ+ Mormon youth


+ LGBTQ youth speakers and performance, including Braxton Barham, Kayden Maxwell, Kenny Delton, and Lottie Anne Roberts





+ Dance and social


Sunday Morning

+ Sunday morning alternative spirituality and guided meditation with Mary Lydia Ryan and Dawni Burton Christensen



+ Devotional speakers Emmett Michael Claren, Jena Lowry Peterson, Thomas Wirthlin McConkie (author of Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis), and the Unity Gospel Choir (formerly the Genesis Choir)



+ The Affirmation Choir and Testimony/Story Sharing

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