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Affirmation 2015 Election Outcomes and Leadership Changes

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January 4, 2015

The annual voting for Affirmation President resulted in electing Randall Thacker as President for 2015. The election results were also ratified by the Affirmation Board of Directors as required by the organization’s by-laws. Randall received all the votes cast except for one write-in vote for Kathy Carlston. The Affirmation Board of Directors sends a thank you to all Affirmation members who participated in the election.
The Affirmation Board of Directors has also ratified Randall’s selection of Todd Richardson as Senior Vice President and Kathy Carlston as Vice President. Todd and Kathy will serve along with Randall as Affirmation’s Executive Committee for 2015.
In addition to changes in Affirmation’s Executive Committee, there are several changes to Affirmation’s Board of Directors for 2015.
Three of our Affirmation Board members have completed their terms and are transitioning from serving on Affirmation’s Board of Directors to other endeavors this year. They are Tom Christofferson, Jorge Valencia, and Mark Packer. The Executive Committee and the Board extend their deep gratitude for the service these Board members have provided to Affirmation and wish them well in their future endeavors.  
Two board members whose terms were ending requested a three-year extension of their Board service – Sam Wolfe and Fred Bowers – and this extension was ratified by the Board.
John Gustav-Wrathall’s nomination as a new Board member with a three-year term was also ratified by the Affirmation Board, and the Board is excited about John joining the Board this year.  Additional new Board members are currently being nominated and will be voted on at the January Board of Directors’ meeting. 
Are you interested in learning more about Affirmation and its Board of Directors and Leadership Team? Go to and select the “Who We Are” menu option. The Board of Directors and Leadership Team information are selections under the “Who We Are” menu.  
Thank you,
Fred Bowers, Secretary, Affirmation Board of Directors
Olin Thomas, Corresponding Secretary

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