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Affirmation: a family.

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by Juan Carlos Peralta

May 6, 2023

Participating in the Affirmation conference in Chile has been one of the best experiences of my life. When I was chosen to travel to Chile as part of the international committee in his exhibition it was a surprise and at the same time I felt very happy to participate in this conference that took place on April 14, 15 and 16, 2023.

Seeing each one of my Chilean brothers and recognizing them as sons and daughters of God and knowing with certainty that our heavenly father has chosen us to continue his mission in different parts of the world.

Since I stepped foot on Chilean soil, I was received with great love by Marcelo Rojas, president of Affirmation Chile; We immediately agreed to organize the last details of the conference that this year was held in the city of Concepción, we began with a 6-hour bus trip, during the trip we took advantage of the way to talk and learn from our life stories, when We arrived in Concepción and were very welcome and what a surprise! Our friends Richard and Máximo were already there; Richard is a promising writer who already has a book published and is preparing to continue his career as a professional writer, on the other hand Máximo is a young transgender man, I had never met someone like him before, my eyes would not stop looking at him and I hope to ask him a lot of questions, he is such a genuine person that I felt very lucky to meet him.

For me the days that I spent in this conference have been a great teaching, you can recognize the love that God has for each of his children and that no matter how we look, who we decide to love or how we identify ourselves, He simply loves us and He sent us to this world to enjoy this life, to be happy and authentic. We have the ability to be valuable men and women, because we are their creation, social prejudice doesn’t matter, it only matters that we are the way we want to be, this conference has made me remember that we were simply born with a different body but that life shapes us according to have the body we want to have.

I remain eternally grateful for sharing with my Chilean brothers and with everything they have taught me, I take great lessons from Chile, among them the strength of the president of Affirmation Chile Marcelo Rojas, who faced numerous challenges to organize this conference, I also appreciate I bring love and a lot of union, I take each one of the teachings of the now my new friends who participated in this conference.

I must admit that many times God’s ways seem incomprehensible, but everything is part of an eternal plan and without a doubt that I have had the blessing of being in Chile for this conference is part of this plan. Thank you Affirmation Chile, for giving me the opportunity to meet you and add you as part of my family.

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