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Extending love across the rainbow banner – Encircle, Utah Tech, and Affirmation work together to support LGBTQ folks in Southern Utah.


by Melissa Malcolm King

May 6, 2023

Each month, Encircle opens its doors to outside organizations for community collaboration called Rainbow Brunch. On April 22, 2023, Encircle St. George invited Affirmation and other local LGBTQ organizations, including representatives from Utah Techs’ new LGBTQ program to participate in a special rainbow brunch where LGBTQ+ Leaders from Southern Utah convened to discuss and create plans on how to serve best and support our community, especially our youth, college students and those in marginalized groups. 

The Encircle ST. George’s House proudly displays its original architecture, including hand-laid bricks. Encircle House Leadership expressed that these bricks are reflective of the work the organization is doing to build up LGBTQ Folks wherever they are, whoever they are, by continuing to create a stronger foundation of community and hope. The event organized by Encircle truly encompassed this spirit, and as an organization, we look forward to continued programming and engaging in opportunities untied in the cause of saving live.

The next day, Affirmation invited Encircle and Utah Tech LGBTQ representatives to the St. George Chapter meeting. Affirmation Members and Leaders met to create safe, loving, and hopeful communities. During this chapter meeting, further planning took place, including how organizational leaders can support the various mission models present while at the same time continuing to build bridges with other community organizations. This meeting begins a continued effort to bridge gaps, increase hope and develop strategic planning for supporting LBGTQ Folks in Southern Utah. Affirmation LBGTQ Mormons, Families, and Friends look forward to continuing to lay foundations in Southern Utah and worldwide.


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