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Affirmation to Hire its First Operations Director


April 25, 2017

Affirmation’s mission for the 40 years of its existence has been to provide LGBTQ Mormons unconditionally loving community, to assist them in resolving conflicts they experience between being LGBTQ and Mormon. Affirmation also works for the understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ people as full, equal and worthy persons within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and society, and to help them realize and affirm self-worth (from our charter).

The work of Affirmation has grown tremendously in the last five years. It has gone from sponsoring a single annual conference each year to sponsoring 16 regional and national conferences throughout the world this year. Since 2012, attendance at our annual international conference has more than quadrupled. We now have a dynamic and growing program for queer youth and for family members and allies, unprecedented in our history. More than 10,000 unique users access resources from our web site and social media. Prior to 2012, Affirmation never had a budget more than $50,000 per year. Last year we raised almost a quarter of a million dollars.

These remarkable achievements have been accomplished by a 100% volunteer leadership team. The vision and commitment of volunteers will always be the lifeblood of our organization. But if the work of Affirmation is to continue to grow to effectively meet needs of hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ Mormons throughout the world, the Affirmation Executive Committee and Board have recognized the need for paid staff to facilitate that work and more effectively empower our volunteers.

After considerable discussion over the past six months, the Board of Affirmation has decided to hire an operations director, who will report directly to the Board and the Executive Committee of Affirmation and assist them in providing improved volunteer coordination, supporting a myriad of administrative, programming, fund-raising, public relations and community outreach related tasks.

Ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of and deep personal commitment to the mission and vision of Affirmation, and will take personal responsibility for the accomplishment of that mission and implementation of that vision. They will be strongly internally motivated and detail oriented. They will love working with and empowering others. They will have grant-writing and fundraising experience. They will have strong verbal and written communication skills in English, Spanish and/or Portuguese. Further details about the proposed position can be found in the attached job description.

The position will be at least a half-time, possibly full-time position. Beginning salary will be negotiated.

Candidates must submit a letter of interest and resume to [email protected] (subject line: OPERATIONS DIRECTOR APPLICATION) by May 15, 2017, for a hiring decision to be made by June 15, 2017.



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