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Affirmation Intermountain West Celebrates Transgender International Day of Visibility


by Melissa Malcolm King

April 29, 2023

Project Rainbow Utah and other local LGBTQ organizations invited Affirmation President Melissa Malcolm King to participate in this year’s International Day of Visibility in Salt Lake City. This event centered on supporting Utah Youth as they have to endure unjust legislation and the consequences that have followed.  

Melissa Malcolm King reports that Project Rainbow Utah is an anchor in the LGBTQ community, and this event highlights their dedication to supporting the community and saving lives.

Melissa Malcolm states: “As an LGBTQ community, the greatest contribution we can give each other is the space to thrive in our authenticity by not only reaching out but reaching towards a profound example of community. The words expressed, the tears shed, and the love felt demonstrated this in every aspect of today’s events. The efforts of Project Rainbow today allowed for voices, not all, to be heard but held in a space so beautiful and tender that no measure of hate could offset. Let us not make these moments about only honoring our community today but creating a legacy that lasts a lifetime. We boldly and proudly proclaim that trans lives matter and look forward to continuing our advocacy and allyship here in Salt Lake City and worldwide.”

As an organization, we express sincere gratitude to Renee Zollinger, Dallas Rivas, Roberto Lopez, Liz Pitts, and Project Rainbow Utah for the continued visibility, support, and engagement for human rights as they lead and support the Transgender Community. 

To learn more about and support Project Rainbow Utah go to:


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