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Affirmation Leaders Discuss Statements Made during General Conference

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November 17, 2013

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Tawnya Smith: “The most important thing is your relationship to the Divine”

On October 9 Affirmation sponsored a conference call to discuss the recent LDS General Conference, which included statements by Elder Oaks and Elder Nelson condemning same-sex marriage. Titled “Revelation, Agency, and Integrity,” the transcript of the call is now available on the Affirmation website.

The five panelists were Tawnya Smith, Robert A. Rees, Tim Weymann, Randall Thacker, and Tina Richerson. John Gustav-Wrathall and other callers also made important contributions to the discussion. The call included a discussion about relying on the Spirit to interpret General Conference messages, how to stay safe in environments that are sometimes hostile towards us, and the importance of using our free agency to chart our personal journey.

“The most important thing is your relationship to the Divine, and that you’ll know whether it is right for you based on what guidance you’re given,” said Tawnya Smith. “What are you called to do? It has really nothing at all with other people and other people’s views or opinions or beliefs about you.”

“It is my hope and deepest desire that people are able to deeply root in themselves their relationship and feel the power of God’s love, and put that above and beyond anything else,” said Tina Richerson. “And to know that love is the answer, love is always the answer.”

Read the full transcript on the Affirmation website.

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