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Affirmation Mexico attends the Day of the Dead parade

Miembros de Afirmación Ciudad de México

by Alejandro Alcántara

November 7, 2023

Within Mexican traditions and festivals, the Day of the Dead is one of the most important dates in the entire country. During November 1 and 2, the country is filled with marigold flowers and Mexican families arrange their homes and decorate their homes to perform offerings to loved ones who have died, this is such an important holiday for Mexicans that it has become one of the most followed traditions in the world; Even this beautiful tradition is the central theme of the Disney movie “Coco”; In this sense, the government of Mexico City celebrates this festival with a great parade and some members and allies of Affirmation Mexico attended to enjoy together this parade, which this year celebrated its eighth edition.

It was last Saturday, November 4, that the members of Affirmation in Mexico City gathered to watch the parade on Paseo de la Reforma avenue, which is the most important avenue in the city. At noon, they began to arrive full of enthusiasm to see This parade that promised to be a great spectacle, little by little the parade participants took their places and the parade began with applause and the expectation of what would be seen next.

One by one the contingents and floats passed by, filling everyone in their path with joy, including the members of Affirmation who marveled at the passage of the contingents. The cultural wealth of Mexico is very extensive and among the participants of the parade a lot of the culture of the states and traditions of all the regions of Mexico was shown, among them a contingent paraded representing the state of Michoacán, which will be the next headquarters of the Annual Affirmation conference in Mexico that will be held precisely in the month of November 2024.

This was an activity in which the members of Affirmación had fun and also had time to spend together. After watching the parade, they took the opportunity to go eat together, thus sharing experiences not only regarding the celebration of the Day of the Dead, but also It was also an excellent opportunity to talk about the challenges we face as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and also being part of the LGBTQ+ community; These activities motivate Affirmation members to continue being part of this great Affirmation community.

This activity ended with dancing as they also attended a place to dance and have fun. Affirmation Mexico is carrying out several activities that promote unity and friendship among its members. If you want to know more about its

activities, we suggest you visit the calendar section of our WEB site.

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