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Affirmation Peru Is Blossoming


July 21, 2015


Every since the first Affirmation Conference in Peru last April, the group has been meeting regularly to provide spiritual support to LGBTQ Mormons in the country.  This picture is of a few participants at an Affirmation Family Home Evening where spiritual messages are shared, hymns sung, scriptures read and friendships kindled.

Dario Lopez, Affirmation Peru’s President (shown on the bottom left in the above photo) will be attending the Mexico Affirmation Conference this August 7-9, 2015 where he will learn more about how Affirmation Mexico has grown to bless the lives of 100s of LGBT Mormons through that country.

As Dario says, “With the help of God, Affirmation Perú will continue to blossom like flowers in a field and will become stable and strong like a house built over a rock.”  We believe this to be true as we know that our Heavenly Father loves ALL of His children and desires that we find a positive path forward in our lives.  Affirmation Peru is helping to share this knowledge and support.


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