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Gospel Doctrine Lesson 30: “God Is No Respecter of Persons”


July 24, 2015

2015 Curriculum
LGBT Considerations
Gospel Doctrine Lesson 30: “God Is No Respecter of Persons”
Approximate Scheduled Teaching Date: Sunday, August 9, 2015
This lesson contains the following:

“What should we do when we receive new instructions from our Church leaders, even if we initially dislike the instructions or find them difficult to understand? (See John 7:17; 2 Nephi 28;30; D&C 6:11, 14-15) (p. 18)


Comment #1:

My answer would be: We should pray about the instructions and follow God’s revelation to us personally regarding that instruction, but without being critical of church leaders (or of anyone else for following the instructions) if the answer we get is different than the one instructed. (This reminds me of John Gustav- Wrathall’s talk at Sunstone last summer.)

Comment #2:

For LGBT members, families, and friends, this question from the lesson can be a very personal and sensitive area based on many circumstances throughout one’s life. At times, we have struggled and wrestled with the Spirit. However, that has also led many to their knees, finding their own personal sacred grove, and getting closer to their Heavenly Father and the Savior than at any other time. “Being led by the Spirit, not knowing what to do” takes on a very personal meaning. Likewise, listening to other class members’ ideas on how they deal with their own challenges may offer new insights to approaching ours, while also appreciating others for facing their own struggles. You may also wish to consider the following quotes from Elder Hugh B. Brown, member of the Quorum of the Twelve and counselor in the First Presidency:

“With respect to people feeling that whatever the brethren say is gospel, this tends to undermine the proposition of freedom of speech and thought.”

“We should be dauntless in our pursuit of truth and resist all demands for unthinking conformity. No one would have us become mere tape recordings of others’ thoughts. There have been times when progress was halted by thought control. ”

“We Mormons have been blessed with much knowledge by revelation from God which, in some part the world lacks. But there is incomprehensibly greater part of truth to be revealed. Revealed insights should leave us stricken with how little we really know. It should never lead to an emotional arrogance based upon a false assumption that we somehow have all the answers—that we in fact have a corner on truth. For we do not.”—“The Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown—An Abundant Life,” edited by Edwin Firmage, “A Final Testimony”

“The free exchange of ideas is not to be deplored as long as men and women remain humble and teachable. Neither fear of consequence nor any kind of coercion should ever be used to secure uniformity of thought in the church. People should express their problems and opinions and be unafraid to think without fear of ill consequences.”—“The Memoirs of Hugh B. Brown—An Abundant Life,” edited by Edwin Firmage

“We must preserve freedom of the mind in the church and resist all efforts to suppress it. We should all exercise our God- given right to think and be unafraid to express our opinions.”

“From the cowardice that shrinks from new truth, from the laziness that is content with half truth, from the arrogance that thinks it has all truth—O God of truth deliver us.”—Elder Hugh B. Brown, BYU Devotional, 3-29-1958

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