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Affirmation Pre-General Conference Fireside: Finding Our Whole Selves

Affirmation President Carson Tueller delivered a talk at the Affirmation Pre-General Conference Fireside. The event took place at the Encircle House in Provo, Utah, on March 30, 2018, and was live streamed online.

In his talk, Carson shares how the meaning of general conference has changed for him as he’s grown up, after he came out, and after the accident that changed his life. He shares his belief that God wants us all to find and be our whole selves, including our identities as lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender and queer people; that he has found peace in the journey to find his whole self, but that journey was not what he would have imagined as a child; and that being LGBT isn’t something he had to experience, but something he got to experience to be his whole self. In speaking about the upcoming general conference, Carson shares his hope that kind and sensitive words would be spoken and encourages LGBTQ Mormons to reach out to those who affirm their beauty and worth, in person or online through Affirmation’s Facebook groups.

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