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Affirmation Venezuela participates in activity for HIV Response Day

portada dia del VIH

by Marcial Fuenmayor

December 21, 2023

Every December 1st, humanity remembers and commemorates the lives of millions of people, whose dreams, smiles and hopes were extinguished by one of the cruelest pandemics the world has ever seen. It seems only like it was yesterday, when at the dawn of the 80s of the last century, the planet was shocked by the alarming news headlines that announced the excesses of “homosexual cancer” as the new syndrome was disparagingly known, in whose imagination Symbolically, the terrible and damning sentence of “divine punishment” towards the “sodomites” was also added.

A lapidary discourse advocated by the most ultra-conservative sectors, which resulted in the stagnation and regression of some rights that began to be achieved after the liberation and approval of civil rights in the 60s, to which was additionally added, the aggravating factor of the State’s inaction in the face of the catastrophic advance of HIV, which claimed the lives of millions of people, and although it is true, the deadly disease caused countless irreparable losses in the LGBTQI+ community, today—and according to official figures of UNAIDS—the main age and sociodemographic groups no longer belong to our community.

A little more than 4 decades have passed, and the acquired immune deficiency syndrome, caused by HIV, has claimed the lives of more than 40 million people, according to the most conservative official figures, which often do not take into account the subregistries. All these years have passed, but what unfortunately does not happen is the misunderstanding, taboos and misinformation. Although it is true that the scientific world has generated increasingly satisfactory and efficient therapeutic responses in the treatment and future eradication of the virus, society as a whole still has a great debt pending in generating educational awareness around the subject. , which promotes understanding, knowledge and human values.

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